So why do colleges need Kliq?

Poor communication affects engagement and retention.

A lengthy study published by the Educational Policy Institute in Virginia, USA has found that 77% of college dropouts leave because they feel like “the college doesn’t care” or they receive “poor service and treatment”. Colleges and universities across the globe are grappling with the challenges in communicating effectively with students. With email being ineffective, departments such as students affairs, enrolment and alumni are turning to mobile technology to engage with Generation Z students (97%+ mobile penetration).

The nature of mobile has changed the expectations of students and how they interact with their campus.

On average an individual looks at their mobile device 150 times per day, with 58% checking their devices every hour. Mobile enables a scope, method and medium that is hyper personalised, instant and scalable.  The answer lies in shifting the campus communication medium to one that students prefer. Kliq brings together the best features of popular social networks and messaging applications and applies it to an educational context. Our focus on mobile and data analytics will help enable your college to deliver a highly modern and engaging student experience.

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